Siung Beach, How Beautiful that !

Siung beach is located in Purwodadi, Tepus Gunungkidul. It is about 35 Km from Wonosari, Gunungkidul Yogyakarta, in south east of the city. The location is very easy to visited. Siung Beach is one of beautiful beach in Gunungkidul, between Wediombo beach and Sundak beach that more popular than Siung beach. That beauty is still natural, there is not too many building there, but the facilities is complete. Restaurant, parking area is available in there.

Another attraction, In Siung beach live many long tail monkey. They lives in the cliff in west of siung beach. But we can’t te meet them every time. That cliff is used to climbing area. Every year there was many climber visited the cliff, that have more than 100 tracks. When weekend comes, Siung beach is very crowded.

We have tosave our environment still nature. The natural beauty is the most beautiful thing in the wolrd, the most beautiful song, the most beautiful view in every places.

I still remember, when I was 10 years old. my friend and I goes to Siung beach by foot. It is only 4 Km from my house. So if you have a many break time, please visit my beach. I promise You will fell a better momment in there. You can meet a good people with their smile. You can feel the pleasant sensations in the way. My friend call that the way like roller cooster. hahh…

Please never think that Gunungkidul is dry every time. There is many beautiful place to visited. Enjoy the huge mountains, feel the sensations. Gunungkidul in the next Bali.  So there is no time to think, visit Siung beach, and Gunungkidul.